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Attention Indian Lake Customers!

Aug 10, 2021 – Sep 30, 2021

Schedule wildlife or pest inspection for the remainder of August and receive a %10 discount on all home seal up and exclusion work at your property!

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Removing skunks from under a barn last month. Ended up with 8 adult skunks from here. The owner decided it was best to do an underground dig fence to keep all the critters out!

Ridge Vent Bat And Rodent Exclusion

Mar 19, 2021 – Apr 15, 2021

Ridge vents on roofs are used for ventilation however extreme temps can cause them to warp and leave gaps large enough for wildlife entry. Most commonly bats and mice. Until April 15th we are offering 10% off total and free measuring and quoting for this product that holds down your ridge vent an...

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Raccoons will go great lengths to enter a home during birthing season to have a safe place to give birth. Call 937-214-3612 for your wildlife removal needs!

Do you have nesting birds on your home or business? We offer a complete removal, sanitization and exclusion of birds and parasitic nesting materials they leave behind. Schedule a job and recieve %10 off of installed products.

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Removing skunks for a customer in Sidney Ohio. One less stinky critter for this customer!


5 months ago
We use this service because we saw a skunk crawl in a hole under our house and he came out the same day set up some traps answered questions that we had he did it in a very timely manner he's very kind very polite and by morning we have caught the skunk we left the traps up and we're hoping to catch more Critters so we can fill in the holes
- Camiele S
2 months ago
Matt did an awesome job working with us to remove bats from our house. He came quickly and took care of the issue! He was so helpful and explained all our optioned to us. He even worked us into his busy schedule to get the issue taken care of promptly. We would highly recommend his services!! Five star service for sure!
- lyndsey p
4 months ago
Highly recommend Matt’s Animal Control. Very friendly, professional,. Came very quickly to get rid of this bald faced hornets nest. Very reasonable. Check out all of their services! Who knew! If you are in need - give them a call!
- Deborah W

-Licensed -Insured -Affordable

At Matts Animal Control LLC we offer a wide variety of solutions for your nuisance wildlife problems. Locally owned and operated by a true Buckeye! We service the Miami Valley area and are centralized  in Piqua. No job is too far! Don't hesitate to give us a call, often if we cannot assist you we can recommend someone who can. We service, but are not limited to, the following towns: Piqua , Troy , Tipp City , West Milton , Englewood , Vandalia , Dayton , Covington , and Sidney. We offer free over the phone estimates & are willing to work with your schedule to meet your needs.
Dealing with nuisance wildlife is not just a job for us but a passion that has turned into a career. Our number one focus is figuring out your problem and solving it in a timely manner. After the wildlife are removed we offer home repairs and preventative measures to insure to our best ability that there are no issues in the future. If there is a mess left behind by critters such as feces in attic we do full attic remediation and new insulation. We also offer many other exterior home repairs, wildlife related or not. 
Your problem is our passion! Our goal as a company is to provide the best service at the best price with the most friendly service. WE want to help YOU!
Regular business hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm however the phone is always open for calls 24/7, so don't hesitate to call us anytime at  937-214-3612.

One of the most opportunistic of all urban invaders, the raccoon can be found all over landscapes of Ohio. From chimneys to basements and everywhere in between we often find ourselves with the culprit a bandit raccoon! Raccoons breed towards the end of the year and into February and may have young as soon as early February. Females will often search for and likely inhabit your home. They can be destructive, noisy, and a health hazard to you and your family. Removing of raccoons can be a task but with our trained staff and humane methods we can remove raccoons from attics, walls, ceilings, soffits, chimneys, barns, sheds and more!

  Dangers Posed By Raccoons
Raccoons may seem friendly however they are wild animals and deserve respect, that includes keeping your distance and not harassing them. A raccoon does not know that it is doing wrong by being in your house, however that poses safety issues. They should be removed and excluded from future entry. Raccoons are indeed rabies vectors and if you have came into contact with a wild raccoon and believe you may have contracted the rabies virus, visit

  Raccoon Feces
A health safety concern may arise when raccoon feces are present. Raccoons often poop in the same spot or small area which may cause a concentration. However any amount of raccoon feces in an enclosed space such as an attic or in a wall may pose a health risk. Raccoon feces are dangerous because it contains parasitic spores that can enter your body through your eyes or lungs. Proper safety precautions are a professional grade respirator and eye protection. Cleanup is very important and also a service we offer. Attic remediation and restoration consist of removing all contaminants, all contaminated insulation, disinfecting the whole area and blowing in new insulation. 

The smelliest of all the critters, with abilities to spray up to 15ft you and your pets may be at risk. We all know the familiar smell of a skunk, this is sometimes overwhelming in late winter and early spring. This is when breeding happens and there are high numbers of skunks roaming. They often live in ground burrows which may be, in your situation, the problem. Skunks have litters of anywhere from 2 to 10 usually with about 5. The young may stay with the mother until the following spring at which time they will branch out and find a new home. The den site may be used again by that female or also by one of the young. All of our staff are trained to remove skunks with a "NO SPRAY" method insuring there is a minimal odor removal. If your experiencing a skunk in a basement window well, don't panic. Skunks, often young will follow along edges of homes at night and find themselves stuck. 

Squirrels can be very interesting and enjoying to watch. However they can also be very destructive. When feeding squirrels you always raise the chances that you will have an issue with squirrels entering into your home. They may be looking for a nesting site or may just be looking to seek inhabitance out of the weather. They love a warm attic full of insulation to use as bedding. Most have 1-2 litters per year. Each litter containing 2-3 young. Young are born around February to March and a second litter July to August. Squirrels may be an issue in attics, air ducts, dryer vents, walls, and ceilings where they take refuge. 

In Ohio bats often dwell in structures, if that structure happens to be your home you may need assistance from a wildlife professional such as us. If there is a bat in your living area, don't panic we will remove it. For a successful removal it helps to know where the bat can be found, so confine it to one room or keep track of where it is until we can get there. Bat control is regulated by the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service therefore there are certain guidelines that must be followed. During a bat exclusion from a home we go over 3 main things. First an assessment to determine the number of bats using the home. Secondly, where they are getting in and how to exclude them from re-entry. Finally, what damage they have done and what we can do to to fix that, such as insulation removal, replacement and work to the exterior of the home. 

Birds may enter a structure such as your home to seek a nesting site, often during spring months. With this may come noise and a mess of nesting materials. Birds can access homes through a variety of areas such as dryer vents, construction gaps, rotted wood, openings in soffit areas, and various other small gaps. Birds may carry diseases which may be harmful to health of the people living in the home which can be transported through air ducts and vents. We strongly encourage removal of both the birds and nesting materials upon discovery. Another way birds can be destructive to homes is when species such as woodpeckers decide to go for the side of your home. We install devices that will keep them off!! 

Whether or not you want to get rid of them, they can cause serious problems. Chipmunks can burrow, chew, and inhabit your home. Often times living in an area where chipmunks are present arises issues. If you think you may have chipmunks damaging your home or property there is no time to late to get a grasp on the situation. 

Groundhogs are a burrowing animal that often take up residence under sheds, decks, and home foundations. They can become a problem when they burrow into these areas. They are herbivores and can be quite the pesky critter near a garden or well groomed flower bed. We see them starting in March and throughout the summer until it gets cold again. After removal a long term solution is an underground dig barrier that prevents them from digging and entering under sheds, decks, sidewalks, foundations and more. 

The American beaver is often underestimated in population numbers and skills as well. Young are born from April to July. Litters range in number from 1 to 4. Beaver are the engineers of the wilderness. With keen sense of "which way the crick flows". Beavers naturally dam up areas which may cause flooding and damage to crops and property. They also cause damage by chewing the cambium layer at the bases of living trees which kills the tree. Beavers are easily educated by humans and can become difficult to trap if educated. Our crew is experienced with trapping beaver and can get the job done on your property! 

Coyotes have no natural predators, are mostly nocturnal, and are common in all of Ohio. With more and more houses being built on the edges of towns coyote sightings are more common. During the gestation period and birthing season in the spring coyotes have to eat a lot and often to support their young. This is when you may see coyotes out more in the daytime. If you have reoccurring issues with coyotes on your property we can set up a management program to combat the issue. Often times this involves long term trapping programs.

Fox are very common in suburbs and may take up residence under your shed or deck, usually females in the spring looking for a place to give birth to their litter. Litters usually contain an average of 6 pups. If you have small animals such as chickens or ducks they may attract fox as a food source. After fox are removed we offer dig fence barriers for decks, sheds, and any structure they may inhabit.

 Canada Geese
Beginning in late February and early March is when in this region of Ohio we see geese starting to decide on areas to nest. Canada geese can be aggressive in doing so with other geese and also when humans interact. The permit, which is obtained by the property owner, or property manager at a company or business, will determine what actions may be taken to control the geese. Harassment, nest removal, individual problem goose removal, and goose roundups,  are all methods we as licensed operators may use to help with your goose problems. Permits should be obtained early in the year so that when spring comes we can get to work. Permits are available January 1st. Please contact us by phone or email before obtaining your permit to discuss what action is best suited for your property. 

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